Role and Purpose

This first meeting followed the United Nations Statistical Commission, at its 36th session in March 2005, which approved the establishment of two complementary working groups to carry out the revision and further development of relevant international standards on energy statistics: The Oslo group on energy statistics, and the Intersecretariat Working Group on Energy Statistics (InterEnerStat), with a mandate to:

“..enhance the coordination of international energy statistics and the collaboration of international (global, regional and sectoral) organizations with a view to improving the availability and quality of international energy statistics without increasing the response burden on countries and by making best use of resources”.

Its work, will give priority to:

(a) Making an inventory of the current data collection, processing and dissemination system of the major organizations working on energy statistics;

(b) Reducing the reporting burden by harmonizing data collection, processing and dissemination, by limiting duplication and/or by building links/bridges between existing energy statistics questionnaires, concepts, methods and timetables;

(c) Improving sharing of the collecting/processing work between organizations and enhancing data-sharing and data transmission once data validation procedures have been agreed and implemented;

(d) Improving the coordination of energy statistics with social, economic and environmental statistics at the international level;

(e) Promoting training and capacity-building and coordinating the related efforts;

(f) Creating joint forums to promote the dialogue of statisticians and the user community;

(g) Raising the profile of energy statistics and energy statisticians at all levels.

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