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Eurostat is the Statistical Office of the European Communities. It publishes official, harmonised statistics on the European Union and euro area and offes a comparable, reliable and objective portrayal of social and economic trends in the European Union. Statistics may be broken down by region and country with the enlarged European Union, as well as the candidate countries and other non-Community countries.

Eurostat collect data from national statistical institutes and harmonises them according to Europe-wide methodologies. Data are, therefore, genuinesly comparable across the whole European Union. Links to methodology, structured according to the International Monetary Fund's common Special Data Dissemination Standard (SDDS) provide supporting information on aspects such as collection methods, data treatment, classifications and definitions.

Eurostat data and publications are available free of charge on the Eurostat website. Information is published in German, English and French.

Key energy statistics activities: Contact details:
Flow(s): Supply, Transformation, Consumption, Energy Prices and Taxes

Product(s): Coal, Electricity, Natural Gas, Oil, Renewables
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