World Coal Institute

The World Coal Institute promotes:

• Coal as a strategic resource, essential for a modern quality of life, a key contributor to sustainable development and an essential element in enhanced energy security.

and represents:

• A progressive industry, committed to technological innovation and improved environmental outcomes within the context of a balanced and responsible energy mix.

The World Coal Institute is a non-profit, non-governmental association, funded by coal enterprises and stakeholders and operated from a London-based Secretariat.

WCI Objectives.

The World Coal Institute’s core objectives are to:

• Provide a voice for coal in international policy discussions on energy and the environment.

• Promote the role of clean coal technologies in improving the environmental performance of coal.

• Highlight the valuable role affordable and abundant coal resources play in a world ever more concerned with energy security.

• Ensure decision-makers and opinion formers are fully informed of the contribution of coal to social and economic development.

• Widen understanding of the importance of coal as the single largest source of fuel for electricity generation, and its vital role in other industries – including steel production, cement manufacturing, chemicals and liquid fuels.

• Form strategic partnerships and alliances with other groups within the worldwide coal industry, to coordinate actions and maximise resources to improve the perception of coal worldwide.

• Address misconceptions about coal through the production and dissemination of information resources.

The Institute provides a range of data and information to policy makers and the general public worldwide, and as such is a data user rather than a data provider.

Documents published: All documents can be downloaded from the WCI website here:

Key Coal related statistical information is collated in a series of annual ‘Fact Cards’ (available on the website): Coal Facts; Coal & Steel Facts; Coal Conversion Facts; Shipping Facts . Available here:

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