The European organization of natural gas industry (Eurogas) is a Brussels based non profit making organization representing 43 Members, in 24 countries. The role of Eurogas is to encourage the smooth functioning of the enlarged European internal gas market, the contribution of natural gas to sustainable development and the cooperation with all public and private stakeholders, who have interest in natural gas. To reach its objectives, Eurogas promotes studies and views on the supply, trading and distribution of natural gas and related activities such as storage and liquefied natural gas (LNG).

For a better understanding of the Natural gas market, Eurogas produces its own statistic and taxation reports. The data is the primary source of information on natural gas in Europe, as it is directly provided by the industry. The organization presents a general overview of the European natural gas industry, including information on customers, employees, pipeline lengths and storage. It also publishes data on primary and final energy consumption, natural gas sales by sector and imports by pipeline and LNG.

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Flow(s): Supply, Transformation, Consumption

Product(s): Natural Gas
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