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While the IMF does not collect energy statistics from its member countries, it collects macroeconomic data (national accounts, balance of payments, trade statistics, government finance statistics), for which oil statistics are major inputs. The Fund is a user of oil data in its surveillance, both multilateral and bilateral. Following the Sixth Review of the Fund's Data Standards Initiatives in November 2006, the IMF will be working with member countries subscribing to the Special Data Dissemination Standard (SDDS) and participating in the General Data Dissemination System (GDDS) to prepare and provide deepened metadata on oil and gas activities for selected macroeconomic data categories.

The IMF provides technical assistance to its member countries on the integration of oil statistics in other statistical systems, in particular by linking oil statistics and macroeconomic statistics and measuring the oil and non-oil sector in the macroeconomic statistics.

The IMF, in cooperation with supra-national organizations that collect oil data, provides training in data quality assessment, thus supplementing other organizationsí expertise in oil statistics with expertise in macroeconomic datasets, institutional and legal support of statistics, and data quality assessment. The IMF is not responsible for materials placed on this website by other parties.

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