Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC)

European Commission - Eurostat
Electricital energy covers electricity generated in all types of power plants (e.g. in nuclear, thermal, hydro, wind, photovoltaic or other plants) to be distributed to consumers through the grid or consumed locally.

Derived heat covers the total heat production in heating plants and in combined heat and power plants. It includes the heat used by the auxiliaries of the installation which use hot fluid (spaceheating, liquid fuel heating, etc.) and losses in the installation/network heat exchanges. For autoproducing entitles (= entities generating electricity and/or heat wholly or partially for their own use as an activity which supports their primary activity) the heat used by the undertaking for its own processes is not included.

International Energy Agency (IEA)
Electricity production reported for Autoproducer Electricity or Autoproducer CHP should be the total quantity of electricity generated.

All heat production from Main Activity Producer CHP, Main Activity Producer Heat Plants and Heat from Chemical Processes (as a primary energy form) should be reported. However, other heat production reported for Autoproducer CHP and Autoproducer Heat plants should comprise only the heat sold to third parties. Heat consumed by autoproducers should not be included.

Heat, as electricity, is an energy carrier primarily used for warming spaces and industrial processes. Heat is also produced as primary as well as secondary energy. Primary heat is obtained from natural sources such as teothermal and solar thermal power, or chemical process. Secondary heat is obtained from the nuclear fission of nuclear fuels, and by burning primary combustible fuels, such as coal, natural gas, oil and renewables and wastes. After electricity is produced, it is distributed to final consumers through national or international transmission and distribution grids.

Latin American Energy Organization (OLADE)
This is energy transmitted by electrons in movement. It includes electric energy generated with any resource, whether primary or secondary, in hydroelectric, thermal, geothermal or nuclear plants.

Electricity may be produced in two groups of transformation centers:

a) Public utility plants;
b) Self–producers.

Organisation of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC)
Electricity shows final consumption and trade in electricity (which is accounted at the same heat value as electricity in final consumption, i.e. 1 GWh = 0.000086 Mtoe). Heat includes heat production from public Combined Heat and Power plants (CHP), from auto producer’s heat that is sold to a third party (e.g. to a network), and district heating (DH) production.

UNSD Energy Statistics Section
Electricity production – refers to gross production, which includes the consumption by station auxiliaries and any losses in the transformers that are considered integral parts of the station. Included also is total electric energy produced by pumping installations without deduction of electric energy absorbed by pumping. Production data includes Solar, Tide, Wave, Wind, Wastes, Wood and Fuel cell production when reported. <
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> Primary electricity refers to electrical energy of geothermal, hydro, nuclear, tide, wind, wave/ocean and solar origin. Its production is assessed at the heat value of electricity (3.6 TJ/million kWh). <
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> Secondary electricity is defined as thermal electricity, which comprises conventional thermal plants of all types, whether or not equipped for the combined generation of heat and electric energy. Accordingly, they include steam-operated generating plants, with condensation (with or without extraction) or with back-pressure turbines and plants using internal combustion engines or gas turbines whether or not these are equipped for heat recovery. <
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> Heat – Heat obtained from (a) combined heat and power (CHP) plants generating electricity and useful heat in a single installation; (b) district heating (DH) plants and (c) nuclear power plants and geothermal sources. The heat may be in the form of steam, hot water or hot air.