Wood Wastes, Other Solid Wastes
Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC)

Latin American Energy Organization (OLADE)
This energy is obtained directly from forest resources. It includes tree trunks and branches, but excludes timber industry wastes, which are included under the definition of “plant wastes” used for energy purposes.

UNSD Energy Statistics Section
Woody biomass: Consists of Forest/woodland and plantation resources which include all standing biomass in closed natural forests, woodland and commercial tree plantations. This category also includes all residues derived exclusively from woody vegetation, Agro-industrial plantation resources which are distinguished from forestry plantations in that they produce agro-industrial raw materials and have woody biomass collected as by-products. Examples include materials from tea, coffee, rubber trees, oil and coconut palms and bamboo plantations and On-farm tree resources which refer to trees that grow outside forest/woodland formations.